Mixed media – environmental sound, flour, water, salt, yeast, string, text.

errata 1

errata 2

A word, the letters of which are made of bread, are hung in a tree like a mobile. As they turn in the breeze and are disturbed by hungry birds and other small creatures, the letters constantly rearrange themselves, reconfiguring semiotic meaning and visual form.

Time and the elements eventually not so much destroy as reconstitute the work, dispersing the material further into the space in the stomachs of animals which is later excreted elsewhere, and breaking down – degrading into the earth as parts of the letters fall to the ground.

errata is part of an ongoing series of works words in trees. Being a work created as a part of a residency at Errant Bodies – a publisher producing books predominantly on sound art – the selected word errata seemed apt for two reasons: firstly for its resonances with the practice of book publishing; and secondly and more crucially, the ephemeral and auto-destructive nature of the installation can be understood as an error continuously correcting itself.

errata 3

errata 4

errata 5

:: work created as part of a residency at errant bodies, berlin ::