eros thanatos




Mixed media – helium, latex balloons, blu-tack, nails.

eros thanatos 1


eros thanatos 2

The space, a white room, is filled with microcosms of itself – semi-transparent white helium balloons and its negative potential – row upon row of sharp nails affixed to the floor.

The viewer is presented with the potentiality of sound. One can see the composition in its entirety: eventually the helium will seep out of each balloon causing it to float to the ground and either burst on a nail, or not. With any element of surprise or uncertainty dispensed with, all that is left for the viewer is to attend to the process of balloons stationary and in motion – small units of the space shifting, causing the overall configuration of the space to be always, gently, in flux.

As the balloons lose their buoyancy and shrink, eventually floating to the ground, the helium seeps out of them and into the space, meaning that the space still holds the same material, but in a different form.

Equally part of this ecosystem is the viewer whose movements entering, exiting and walking through the space, as well as their very breathing, create waves of air which alter the fragile architecture of the space.

eros thanatos 4

eros thanatos 3

eros thanatos 3

eros thanatos 5

eros thanatos 6


images 3 – 7 by anna bernhardt


:: work created as part of a residency at errant bodies, berlin ::