a twitcher’s guide to prenzlauer berg

Mixed media – pencil drawings, text, paper, thread.

Illustrations and Design :: Anna Bernhardt


birds 1

birds 2

a twitcher’s guide to prenzlauer berg is a zine which gives life to imaginary bird names quoted in Varieties of Audio Mimesis: Musical Evocations of Landscape by Allen S. Weiss (Errant Bodies Press).

The zine functions as a form of a map. Readers navigate a relatively small area – Prenzlauer Berg – guided by drawings and descriptions of the habitat and calls of birds that don’t in reality exist. In providing false sonic and visual directions, the work asks the question of its readers what is encountered when one is looking for something that doesn’t exist?

birds 3 birds 4


:: work created as part of a residency at errant bodies, berlin ::

[images 1 -3 by anna bernhardt]